Declining PC Industry Forces Intel to Cut 12000 Jobs Across Globe

Declining PC Industry Forces Intel to Cut 12000 Jobs Across Globe

Declining PC Industry Forces Intel to Cut 12000 Jobs Across Globe

Recent report from various sources say that Intel is going to cut 12000 jobs across the globe by mid-2017 and almost half by end of this year as the PC industry market declines and the company wants to focus in more profitable Cloud businesses. So, basically Intel is cutting approximately 11% of resource out of 107,300 employees (As reported in Wikipedia by 2015) globally which is going to save 1.4 billion USD.

This announcement came on Tuesday, after which the shares fell closely 3% despite good Q1 2016 earnings report. As part of the reorganisation, employees affected will be notified over the next 60 days. Adding to this, Intel’s chief financial officer Stacy Smith would leave his post to lead sales. This move is more obvious as the market is moving towards Smartphone, IoT, Connected devices and more similar stuffs where Intel wants the its Data centers and IoT business to overtake PC as it’s primary profit making business.

The global job cut forecast is not going to effect in India operations as per report of Indian Express and the company is to invest further to support the “Digital India” initiative.

“I suppose they are not planning any job cut here in India and I also hope that the company grows in India,”

Thaine Creitz, director of consumer technical marketing at Intel, told on the sidelines of the Intel technology and innovation tour India 2016.

It is advised to the job seekers or existing employees to focus more on profitable technologies rather than just going on with the current trend. The market is changing and as an employee you should re-think where you are as a part of business. Because ultimately a company’s business is what makes you sustain for longer or shorter in a company. Stay tuned for more of updates and let us know what you think on this move by Intel in the comments section.

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