About InfySim Jobs

InfySim Jobs is part of InfySim group of websites, such as InfySim Tech, InfySim Education, InfySim Lifestyle etc. At InfySim Jobs, we focus on different kinds of jobs available at different places of the country to provide a one place information to job seekers. Currently we are based on Bangalore and hence we provide jobs available in Bangalore only.

We will try to upload the job requirements as soon as we will get the details from our back-end team. So its the responsibility of the candidates to stay updated with us by means of e-mail subscription or facebook connect etc., as we don’t have other way of communications with you currently.

We also don’t have any resume upload services currently, so don’t expect to upload your resume and a callback from us. We may come up with a resume uploading service in future, for which we will definitely make an announcement.

So, stay tuned to InfySim Jobs for latest updates on job requirements and we wish you all the best for a better career ahead.

Neither we nor the respective consultancies or companies be held responsible for any incorrectness in the data provided in our website. Its the candidate’s sole responsibility to do a background check before proceeding further. Currently we are not charging any money in any form from any of the candidates.